Revitalization of riparian habitats

Eine Sandbank im Altrheingewässer von Taubergießen

Intensive development and canalization of the River Rhine during previous centuries resulted into severe disconnection of the riparian habitats from the dynamics of the river. An INTERREG-project, started in 2007 in the “Taubergießen” nature reserve, Upper Rhine Valley, aimed on revitalization of the floodplain ecosystem. In the course of the project, Rhine dams have been lowered in a few places to enable flooding of the former riparian habitats once certain water levels are reached in the river system.

The Freiburg Landscape Research Institute explores the effects of the revitalization measures on the floodplain habitats and organisms. We started our research in March 2021. First results will be available at the end of 2021.

Contact: Dr. Thomas Kaphegyi