Haff Réimech - A protected area in Luxembourg with exceptional potentials

Ein Frosch in einem Feuchtgebiet der Region Haff Reimech, Frankreich

The Haff Réimech is an exceptionally valuable wetland area in Luxembourg. For a long time, the area on the Moselle was used for the intensive extraction of gravel and sand. After intensive sand and gravel extraction ceased, the gravel pits filled with groundwater. Over time, numerous animal and plant species re-populated. The return of valuable animal and plant species to the former quarrying area is a characteristic of the protected area. Today, the area is considered an important bird sanctuary according to the EU Birds Directive and is protected under the Ramsar Convention and Natura 2000.

In addition to its important function as a protected area for animal and plant species, the Haff Réimech offers opportunities for intensive study of the processes taking place in the course of ecological revitalisation of post-mining landscapes and, due to its location and good accessibility, above all for communicating them to a broad public.

The Consulting Institute Landespflege Freiburg is working on two projects in the area. One is to draw up an FFH management plan on the basis of surveys. Another project aims to strengthen and further develop the area's potential for nature conservation and environmental education.