DBU Secretary-General visits Landcare Research project

Von links: A. Scherer, Bürgermeisterin Bad Wurzach; T. Kaphegyi, Projektleiter; H. Weisser, Leiter NAZ Wurzacher Ried; A. Bonde und V. Wachendörfer DBU. Foto K. Heemann, DBU

Evidence Based Decision Making to enhance biodiversity in agricultural landscapes

Biodiversity loss is continously progressing in agricultural landscapes nearly all over Europe. In order to counteract this process, the Landespflege Freiburg is currently developing evidence based decision making and adaptive management systems. The projects are conducted throughout a water catchment (“Wurzacher Becken”) located in the Alpine foothills of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, South Germany. The research and development activities are carried out in cooperation with the Wurzacher Ried – Nature Conservation Centre and supported by experts from relevant institutions and authorities.

The projects are financed by the German Environmental Foundation (DBU). By July 25th DBU Secretary-General Alexander Bonde visited the project region in order to discuss the research progress.