Functionality of buffer zones of German biospheres

Ein Balkendiagramm
Videokonferenz zur aktuellen Projektsituation

Assessing the functionality of buffer zones according to the criteria and goals of the Man and Biosphere - UNESCO-Programme is the aim of a joint project of the Freiburg Landscape Research Institute in cooperation with several partners. Started in 2019 on behalf of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, a first step was the analysis of land use data and management information the biosphere administrations could provide specifically for their buffer zones. This fundamental work step is largely completed.

At 29th of April, we presented the results during a video-conference and discussed our findings and the work status with representatives of the biosphere administrations nationwide. The first comprehensive project meeting thematically focussed on forest habitats and their management within buffer zones. A complementary meeting concentrating on open land issues is planned.

The verification of the outcome of the analyses of biosphere based data directly in the field constitutes a forthcoming key stone of our work programme. However, according to the pandemic situation, this essential step had to be postponed and is now planned to start in autumn 2021.

Der nächste Schritt, den Informationsstand vor Ort zu komplettieren und die bisherigen Auswertungen mit der Situation repräsentativer Pflegezonen vor Ort abzugleichen, konnte aufgrund der Pandemie-Situation bislang nicht durchgeführt werden. Der Start dieses essentiellen Projektbausteins ist für den kommenden Herbst geplant.