About us

We are a consultancy in the field of applied conservation ecology and landscape management. Founded as a spinoff of the former Institute of Landscape Management of the University of Freiburg we combine decades of experience in all relevant areas of nature conservation, land care, restoration and recultivation ecology, fresh water biology and wildlife ecology and management. We have a strong focus on innovative solutions to balance biodiversity and natural resources and human requirements.


  • We conduct research in the fields of conservation ecology, landscape management, and wildlife ecology and management.
  • We develop action- and management plans as well as restoration and recultivation programs
  • We provide professional moderation and facilitation
  • We compile expert opinions and assessments
  • We support the conception of research projects and research funding
  • We provide methodological, strategical and organisational guidance for conservation planning and decision making
  • We develop training courses and educational programs.
Our activities aim on decision makers, authorities, GOs and NGOs as well as on enterprises and scientists and research institutions. Combined experiences and a long lasting net of interdisciplinary professional contacts ensure our partners of a maximum of competence, quality and clear communication.


Dr. Thomas Kaphegyi


Ursula Kaphegyi


Prof. Dr.
Werner Konold


Dr. Christian Suchomel


Dr. Peter Wattendorf



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